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Get Rid of Acne Cysts In Eight Easy Steps

For any acne sufferer, one of the worst things is getting acne cysts. Acne cysts are those soft, fluid filled lumps under the surface of the skin that are often inflamed and painful. If not treated effectively, acne cysts can destroy healthy skin tissue which can cause horrible and unsightly scarring. Here are eight practical tips you can follow in order to avoid getting acne cysts in the first place:

1. Keep Skin Clean. The best thing you can do to avoid getting acne cysts is to keep your skin thoroughly clean. Make sure you wash your skin in the morning and at night with gentle anti-bacterial products such as those containing tea-tree oil. Don’t scrub your face if you have sensitive skin. Also avoid greasy lotions and creams because they can tend to clog pores.

2. Don’t touch your skin. It’s because or hand and fingernails carry all sorts of bacteria that it is important to avoid touching your face. Ensure that you keep your hands clean and fingermails short. A good tip is to carry around an anti-bacterial hand gel. If you’ve got acne spots and cysts, make sure that you don’t pick, squeeze or pop them as this will take longer to heal. Not only that, it may result in scarring.

3. Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face. Not only do many teenagers have greasy skin, they also have greasy hair. If you want to avoid getting acne cysts then make sure that you wash your hair every day and keep it away from your face. If you have long hair, then the oils in your hair contain additional bacteria that can cause your face to have an acne break-out.

4. Make sure you keep your pillows cases clean. Use a clean pillow case every night if you are prone to acne. Otherwise, there is the possibility that the build up of bacteria on the pillow case can affect your face.

5. Eat healthily. Even though people will tell you that greasy foods and chocolate don’t cause acne, this is highly debatable. In fact, some research has shown that people may have sensitivities to certain foods that may cause acne cysts. If you are prone to acne then it is well worth looking at your diet. Eat a healthy diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, organic if you can. It’s also preferable to eat organic meats and milk since they are hormone-free.

6. Take Nutritional Supplements. Since acne is caused by over-active oil glands and hormonal fluctuations, it may be useful to take a multivitamin tablet to make sure that you are getting all the essential nutrients your body needs to balance your skin and hormones. For example, Vitamin B5 helps to fight excess oil, whilst zinc is great for healing skin tissue and preventing scarring.

7. De-Stress. At any age, stress can increase the production of androgens which help stimulate the oil glands and hair follicles. Everyday life can cause a certain amount of stress for us and in small amounts this is good for you. However, when stress becomes too much, your body cannot cope and starts causing problems. If you find that you are getting stressed, then find ways of relaxing yourself by doing things such as deep breathing, walking or meditating.

8. Watch out for make-up. Most teenage girls and women love to wear make up, but many of the ingredients contained in our favorite cosmetics can clog pores and cause acne cysts. If you have a tendency to acne and don’t want to avoid make-up altogether, think about using mineral make up which is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t clog pores. It’s important to ensure that you take off your make-up before you go to bed.

Don’t forget that if not treated properly, acne cysts can lead to permanent and unsightly scarring. By following these tips, you can avoid getting acne cysts and keep healthy skin. For more information about treating acne cysts, visit my website for Clear Skin Tips.

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  1. Kim Hartley Leading skin care specialist Everything you need to know about your skin and hair says…Great post. A lot of good tips. I especially like the makeup one. Find the right one that doesn’t cause more breakouts, or don’t wear any till your skin starts to clear up.

  2. I think not touching once face is surely one of the big steps in avoiding acne, many people don’t realize that our hands are the biggest carriers of germs and bacteria and it is from here it spreads to our face when we touch it. Great post! – CM
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