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How To Best Treat Acne Prone Skin

As a sufferer of acne from my early teens, I can greatly sympathise with people who have to deal with this regrettable skin condition. One of my recollections relating to having acne was as a 15 year old working at my first job as a ‘check out chick’ at Woolworths. I was serving a mother and her young daughter asked me “what is wrong with your face?” Of course I was utterly humiliated. Whilst it was of some comfort that the mother apologised profusely for her daughter’s question, it didn’t conceal the fact that my acne was completely visible and entirely obvious.

My acne treatment journey took me to the extremes of being on Roactaine not once, but twice, going on the contraceptive pill, altering my diet and trying every known acne skin care available. So I can understand the defeat and embarrassment people feel with this condition.

Quite a few years on now, I no longer have acne as a problem, but I do have some acne scaring (although this could have been more pronounced) and I do still get blemishes. At the moment, I work for an Australian Natural Skin Care company. I would like to share with you some general skin care tips I’ve picked up while working in the industry to help with your acne treatment.

For young, oily, acne prone skin I would recommend the follow routine:

1. Use a face wash with lactic and glycolic acids (AHAs) morning and night. Lactic and Glycolic Acids help to remove dead skin cells that can block pores.

2. Exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week to clear clogged pores which bring out blemishes

3. Use a forumulated blemish gel morning and night to fight bacteria causing pimples and to keep down redness

4. Buy an oil free moisturiser to use twice a day. Oil free creams are suitable for oily to combination skin. It is necessary to moisturise to keep skin hydrated (hydration is still needed for oily skin as it is water based, not additional oil)

5. Shop for a MSM Cream to also apply to reduce tenderness and inflammation caused by cystic pimples.

For pimple prone skin it is best to avoid cleansing your face with soaps or cleansers which are quite drying to the skin. Unfortunately these can cause the reverse effect, where taking away too much oil from the skin makes the skin producing even more oil to counterbalance, causing blocking pores and creating more pimples. Some very well recognized acne treatment products do exactly this.

For really oily skin, it is best to use moisturisers without any oil in them. Adding further oil to the skin can further block pores.

It is really important to exfoliate or use a mask one to two times a week to clear your pores. As blemishes are mainly clogged up pores, this will help prevent blemishes from forming.

Particularly for women close to ‘that time of the month’ it is a good idea to use a blemish gel morning and night to prevent zits. A quality blemish gel will include an anti-bacterial formula to kill pimple causing bacteria and vitamins A, B3 and B5 which are well recognized in treating existing acne.

Usually it is advised to not squeeze pimples, but its kind of like telling a person with chicken pox not to scratch. If you must do so, one suggestion would be dissolving some salt in a bowl of warm water. Wet a cotton ball in the bowl, remove excess water and put it over the pimple for three minutes. Repeat again after wetting the cotton ball for another minute. Then use two cotton balls to apply pressure on the outside of the blemish, but avoid squeezing it together. Hopefully that will give relief with as little damage to the skin as possible.

Finally, I would suggest seeing your doctor. Sometimes acne can result from an underlying cause or hormonal problem. Whilst proper quality skin care products will help, until you fix the root of the problem, it will not stop your acne permanently.

Irene McDonald is the director for an Australian Natural Skin Care Company. Her passion to improve Australian’s skin condition and self confidence has lead to the last 9 years of research and development of her natrual skin care line.

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