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My Review of the Derma roller

Now that I have tried the Derma roller for myself, I have to admit it is the best product I have EVER used! At first I was a bit skeptical, I mean, how can a few needles reduce Acne Scars? But seeing as it was recommended to me and nothing else had worked on the Acne scars on my face so, I decided to give it a chance. I purchased my Derma-roller and some vitamin cream (which is 100% natural source) from derma-rollers.com and it arrived to me the NEXT DAY, I was REALLY impressed. I chose to order a 1.0mm Dermaroller so that the needles weren’t too big or too small and I must say it looked a little daunting when I took it out of the packaging, so I was glad I didn’t go any bigger.

When I first used it, it gave me an unusual prickling sensation, and I couldn’t quite work out whether I liked it or not, but as I got used to it I hardly even felt it. I found it quite a bit uncomfortable to use on my face as the skin is rather delicate there but I also tried it a bit over a few stretch marks on my stomach and that really tickled!

I use my Derma-roller once a day for five days a week (applying my cream after using it) and then two days off for my skin to heal. It only took about one and a half weeks for me to really notice the difference. My acne scars were much less visible, they had gone lighter in colour and not even nearly as deep. My skin even felt healthier!

About a month after using the Derma-roller and cream my acne scars have almost gone! I feel so much more confident with my appearance and I am sure that they will continue to disappear and maybe one day, fingers crossed, they will be completely healed! So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely the acne scar remover that I would recommend!

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  1. Hey there,

    Glad to see you gettin such terrific results from your dema roller. Could you please tel me which cream you are using after your derma roller session. As, I have ordered a derma roller as well, and would love to purcase the same cream in hope to get the same results as you have got for your acne scars.

    Thank you

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