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Why Having A Physician Deal With Your Skin Tags Is The Safest Option

Skin tags

Having skin tags is no longer new to many of us, and many times we have contemplated and wondered about how to get rid of them. If you observe flaps of skin that grow in different parts of the skin, you are looking at skin tags. If you are wondering about the safest and easiest way to get rid of these skin tags, then you should think about approaching your dermatologist or even your family doctor. Generally, skin tags are harmless and won’t hurt you. But if they grow around the neck and cause a lot of inconvenience and even pain, there is no question that these skin tags are better off being removed. Skin tags are also sometimes posing the risk of being cancerous. Thus, the idea of having them removed by a doctor becomes more imperative than ever. A doctor would be more equipped with deciding how to remove the skin tags, and he will also be in charge of making sure the recovery process and the healing goes as well as expected. Fluctuations in one’s hormone levels could also be blamed for skin tag growth. Skin tags are often seen during the pregnancy stage, sometimes even after the baby has been born. Many people are concerned, that if they get rid of a skin tag, it will induce more to grow. But removing a skin tag should not make you think about possibilities of a seeding effect. This phenomenon involves many more skin tags replacing one or two that has been removed. This occurs sometimes with warts if not treated correctly when the Human Papilloma Virus is allowed to spread to other locations.

Weight gain could also induce skin tag growth, especially among women. A word of warning: it would not be safe to attempt to remove skin tags by yourself. Scarring and infection are possible effects of removing skin tags in an unsafe manner. Infections do not really bode well, especially if you are wondering what could happen in the future. A dermatologist would have a lot of tricks up his or her sleeve when it comes to skin tag removal.

Freezing is one method of eliminating those skin tags. The doctor will use a freezing agent and directly apply it on the skin tags. Freezing will help to prevent pain and bleeding. Once frozen, the skin tags can be easily removed. You can use a scalpel, or a pair of sterilized scissors for this.

Simply cutting off the skin tags is also another option. The dermatologist could just use a scalpel or some sterilized scissors. This technique is effective if the skin tag is not near or on a sensitive area such as the eyes. Still, to avoid infections, do not try to remove the skin tags by yourself. Another alternative that can be employed by the dermatologist is electro-surgery. Using electricity, he will attempt to burn off the skin tags into oblivion.

Go to a doctor and have these skin tag removal methods done by him, just to be on the safe side. But you should know that you may have to suffer through some skin discoloration or scarring after the procedure has been done. The best way to handle this would be to talk to your doctor. Let him know your concerns about possible scars and discoloration. It is possible that he or she is aware of some effective medications that could help you get rid of those problems.

A consultation with a dermatologist becomes called for if the skin tags grow near the eyes. If you notice color changes in the skin tags, a dermatologist is also the first person you should go to.

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